EP01: Is Business Personal?

There is an inherent and often unarticulated way in which we choose our colleagues, employees, clients, suppliers, and collaborators based on shared values.

It isn’t enough anymore to determine whether or not someone has the competencies required to partner with us, and it is no longer sufficient for us to check the boxes of experience and knowledge and arrive at a partnership.

We need to know, WHO is it that we are sharing our lives with? WHO are we inviting onto our team? Because after all, their efforts will either accomplish or frustrate our vision, and we will be stuck with them in a relationship... for at least the next little while.

In this episode, we welcome Lou Lou Khazen Baz, founder of Nabbesh.com (the Arab world's largest freelance marketplace) and Clare Elliot, founder of Mployii.com (a unique collective of consultants) as we ask, IS business personal? And how can we empower the people that we work with?

Enjoy the show.