EP08 - Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Our Future

Talking about AI is particularly challenging because even though the technology is developing exponentially, most business leaders don’t have any idea how to react to the advent of AI.

Business leaders need to accept that AI is currently transforming a dozen major industries, and without help, traditionally stable businesses will be swept away as their core competencies are outsourced to a technology that learns with every transaction, never forgets, and never sleeps.

This is not blockchain, or crypto-currency, or an incremental or gradual shift. It is something you are already using without knowing it, and its growth is exponential.

Dr. Corrie Block, a leading GCC business strategist and executive coach is joined by Ayman Alashkar, founder and chief explaining officer of OBOTEO, Fadi Hindi, CEO of Takaful Emarat Insurance, and Danish Farhan, founder of Xische & Co.

Enjoy the show.