EP05: Mitigating the "Dubai Gap"

On Episode 5 of Business is Personal, we discuss how to mitigate the 'Dubai gap' - the gap between the title on someone's business card and the actual skills and capabilities of the individual. Are HR departments equipped to deal with the skills gap? When recruiting for senior positions, how should we carry out interviews?

CEOs who want good team members must empower their recruiting teams to bring in external examiners to ascertain competencies, and fund internal social interviews in order to ascertain the best fit-for-culture leaders.

Dr Corrie Block, a leading GCC business strategist and executive coach is joined by  Rahman Risilia, Managing Partner at MCG& Group, Sophina Rajah, Founder of Leap Consulting, and Mandar Joshi, a Start-up Strategy Expert, discussing how to reduce the gap between an individuals title and their capabilities.

Enjoy the show.