EP04: How to Attract, Hire and Retain the Right Talent?

Gone are the days of seeking CVs, or handing out CVs. There’s just too many out there, and they are unreliable, and often uninformative.

We hire based on relationships now, so companies need to hunt down and court the leaders that they want to add to their teams.

Likewise, key leaders looking for their next step need to pursue and woo the companies that represent values aligned with their own.

In Episode 4 of Business is Personal, we are joined by Andrew Kabrit, Co-Founder & COO of Seez, Muhammad Chbib, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & Former CEO of Tajawal and Lucy D'abo, Independent Consultant and Co-founder of DABO & Co, discussing on how to Attract, Hire & Retain the right talent. Watch and see how companies are radically changing how they hire people.

Enjoy the show.