EP03: What Makes a CEO 'Exceptional'?

Two of my Executive Leadership clients won CEO awards this year. It’s a privilege to work with truly exceptional CEOs.

It was so much fun to sit with quality leaders and discuss exceptional leadership. CEOs in the GCC need to be fast and flexible.

One of the keys to success that we discuss in this podcast is the need for CEOs to remain focused on their strengths, and surround themselves with people whose strengths complement the CEO’s weaknesses.

There is no wise sage anymore who can cope with the complexity of the information available. Smart CEOs view themselves as a part of a decision-making team, rather than a decision maker.

In Episode 3 of Business is Personal, we have Marco Blankenburgh, Founder and International Director at Knowledgeworkx, and Asmae Lemniei, Strategy Advisor at Duval Union Consulting, Founder & Managing Director of Lean X Consulting and The Precious Drop, talking about what makes a CEO exceptional.

Enjoy the show.