Dr. Corrie Block is a certified NLP business practitioner, x5 entrepreneur and leading business strategist. Believing that “business is personal,” he has dedicated his life to help people and companies discover their true purpose and leverage their unique talents to achieve massive success in their jobs. If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated and disengaged with your life or business, Dr. Corrie will lead you to clarity, focus and action.

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For Owners & Leaders

Company culture cascades down in an organization from the senior management. Dr. Corrie Block works with leaders and organizations to make “business is personal” and rediscover their values, mission and purpose. Described as “life changing,” you will notice an instant improvement in your company culture and then company success and revenue.

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For start-ups

Learn to think like an entrepreneur and turn your passion into a thriving company. Having a start-up is like having a newborn baby: it’s all crying, diapers and no-one says thank you. As a coach and strategist, Dr. Corrie Block will coach you, support you with market research and will help you develop the blueprint to build a thriving business.

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After some free resources? Dr. Corrie Block shares his expertise through videos, his podcast and articles. Browse through our library and learn about mindfulness, artificial intelligence, family business, management, business strategy, and more.

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Future-Proof Your Business

According to Forbes Insights, more than 50% of CEOs are concerned about the future of their business in the 4th Industrial Revolution. They are unsure how justified their fear is. Dr. Corrie works with senior leadership to demystify disruptive technologies. Together, we develop a personalized plan to propel your company into the future, ensuring longstanding success.